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‘Sustainable renewal only comes through the penetration and confirmation of God’s truth at heart-level.’

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How to pray through the 12 Phases of Development:

This course can be done in Afrikaans or English through online sessions or in-person training for groups (churches, ministries, training facilities).
What is this course about?
One of the exciting roles of a parent, especially the mother, is to operate as an intercessor for your loved ones (children, husband and even yourself). During this course the parent will learn how to walk through the various phases of development of your loved one with a God not bound by time. You will be walking with Him to and for on the timeline of those Father-God entrusted you with. The various developmental stages are discussed in such a way that the intercessor can easily identify what would be areas to address and pray through. The various physical milestones (including brain development), emotional development and spiritual characteristics involved during each stage, are discussed. On this prayer journey, you as the parent link with Creator God to realign the distorted messages of the past to His Truth; regarding who God is, who you and your loved ones truly are, who others are and what life is all about. You will be aligning your loved one’s history with His-Story, unlocking their identity.

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Life Skill Course – We (you and I) matter

Relationships are powerful. Influence flows from relationship – it can be good or bad, uplifting or domineering, poisonous or enriching. ’Whispered words from a place of intimacy can be more powerful than shouted petitions from the court.’  – Tommy Tenney Relationships do not just start with the person closest to you, it starts with yourself. You are the primary human being you have a relationship with. This relationship will directly impact every other. It is the aim of this course to persuade the participant of his/ her vital role as a vulnerable part as well as a worthy influencer of the rest of ‘us’. You must matter to YOU. This primary relationship must be maintained within healthy, balanced, self-love and -acceptance. For this to be possible, understanding of the Self is essential. The Self as defined within the concepts of man as an individual. It has been analysed by many and sadly often degrades the splendour of man to mere matter of existence. Yet, the human being is so much more. In the process of re-discovering who you truly are, respect for other and the environment will follow. We were created to be part of…. a family, a society, a group, a company, an environment, a world. As we journey through this course, a fresh realisation will hopefully follow we matter as a collective group. And that the earth and our surroundings benefit when we – you and I – accept and celebrate this truth. Sufficient research by Sociologists and Environmentalist have shown that man was never meant to function as a complete lone individual. Man, experiences meaning, value, worth and health in his interactions with other humans and with his surroundings – on a close and a global scale. Purpose and value are found within the interconnectedness between man and the environment. Ultimate worth and peace are found in the restored connection between man and his Creator.

You and I matter.

Objectives and outlines:

Course developer and lecturer: Dr Gerdi van den Berg

The student gains an understanding of who he/she is as a person.
  • Self-definition: What defines ME? The role of genetics, social and physical environment, parenting styles, personality, and life experience. Self-acceptance and respect as the basis for effective functioning, in the hospitality industry and elsewhere.
  • Analysing and comparing where (or who) the student is now. (A) and where (or who) he/she wants to be (B). Various motivations to change and better (improve) oneself. What is change? The student will be required to either welcome or reject change. There are various motivations to initiate and process change.
  • Identifying and dealing with (addressing/ confronting) the various possible limitations of reaching B.
Based on a newly defined Self, the student will be respectfully confronted with his/ her various limitations and abilities. The role that the student’s perceptions of these limitations play, as well as the impact of fear. Various values and the role of refining the Self. In this section (and throughout the course) the skills needed to manage this will be discussed.

We matter.

Objectives for We matter, Life Skill Course: Refining relational and social intelligence through self-definition and self-regulation.

Duration of course: 5 days; 6 hours/day.

The student gains insight into his/ her potential as a part of society.
  • The science of relationships – how we can maintain it and why we need it. The chemistry and neuroscience of relationships. The role and impact of the social environment. Social intelligence.
  • Communication and boundaries. Various communication styles (verbal as well as non-verbal). Communicating: You matter. Filters and perception in information processing. The role of body language. The language of respect.
  • How to move from (in)dependent to interdependent
  • The science of influence and impact on other, the economy and the environment

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