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A change of heart

Dr Gerdi van der Berg

New book - A Change of Heart

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A Change of Heart is aimed at individuals who want to tackle issues they struggle with, small groups who gather for Bible study or fellowship, ministry students, as well as Christian psychologists and counsellors. It can be merchandised under Self-help, Counselling, or Christian living.


Whether you’re confidently pursuing a life of passion and purpose, or find yourself hamstrung by past hurts and hang-ups, A Change of Heart is proof that an authentic life – lived from the heart – is within everybody’s reach.

Based on the latest neuroscientific and psychological research, and grounded in the timeless principles of God’s Word, A Change of Heart is an invaluable companion for the journey set before you.

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Your Heart Matters

Why? This key question determines your choices, behavior, relationships, and impact. 

You matter because you matter to the One who breathed his life into you. You are here for a purpose: To know Him, the only true God and your Redeemer. From this understanding you will form your redeemed self-definition.

A few days ago, I ran into a friend of mine at the shop. While catching up, I realised just how temporary change often is. People try to change their lives, but it only lasts for a while. It adds to their frustration and challenges their faith repeatedly, until we simply stop believing that change is even possible. We become cynical and bitter or even, like my friend, deeply depressed. 

My clients often tell me, despondently, about years of effort without a significant breakthrough. They doubt the possibility of change, especially since their previous attempts had been in vain. 

Is change possible? 

It certainly is. In fact, it’s not just possible, it’s non-negotiable. However, change only occurs if it has an eternal quality. Permanent change that has eternal value only becomes possible when renewal penetrates to the very core of our being. Such a change results in total transformation, a denial of our own interpretations and assumptions, and discovery and acceptance of God’s truth. 

People are created to be in a relationship with the Creator God, and to worship Him in spirit and in truth. That requires us to know the Spirit and the truth. We can only have a deep and meaningful relationship with God when we know the truth about our identity, other people and Him. 

Our life experiences play a huge role in how our truth is formed. Our personal truth, the truth as we perceive it, is in charge of our entire being: what we think, what we choose and how we react. It manages our perceptions and our opinions. It determines our attitude towards life. However, the question remains: ‘Is our truth God’s truth?’ Ideally, when we become aware that some of our daily experiences don’t echo God’s truth as it is revealed in his Word, we start searching for renewal and change. 

How is it that our truth so often clashes with his? And why is mere reading of his Word and the knowledge we gain by doing so not enough to bring about much needed change? It is my prayer that, by the end of the book, you’ll have answers to both these questions. It will require re-creation, a radical about-face of your personal, human interpretations and assumptions to embrace God’s revelation. 

There are certain requirements for effective renewal. Our being is not divided into separate, independent components; each part of us is interdependent on the others. There is constant non-verbal communication between the different aspects of our being. How we listen to it and the extent to which our inner language becomes discernible to us are very important. In ourselves we have a core, the deepest part of our inner being. It is here where our deepest decision-making takes place. In order to assert ourselves, we ought to know this core and bring it in line with the rest of what we know about our make-up. It is almost like gutter pipes that fit into each other to channel the flow of water to the desired destination. In our case, the destination is uninterrupted unity with our Creator and Re-Creator, the only place where we can experience transcendent peace and eternal joy. Without it, we are stuck with a subsistence approach to life. 

This book was written to equip and enable you to experience sustainable change. When change comes through truth and lasts, true re-creation has taken place. 

Who am I?

This is our core question, the quest of the heart and the motivation of all pursuits in life. 

Do you know who you are? Does your self-definition align with who Creator God says you are?

Knowing the answers to these questions will realign the messages of the past to Truth: the only real truth. 

God rewrites the story of my life as I open the book of my heart to Him!

This is how David described his journey of renewal and the key to life! (Psalm 18 Msg) In surrendering to this Truth, God transforms your self-definition, and your understanding of what life is all about.

Unless new truths settle at the very core of your humanity, the heart, long term change may be a struggle. This can bring frustration, confusion and may end up in despondency.

To avoid ending up at another fruitless effort to change, a fresh approach to renewing of the mind, is needed.

Heart matters will support the process of understanding who you are, how you function and how a new base-line thinking can settle at your core. When your new convictions are aligned with Father-God’s truth, true transformation has taken place. You will know you in knowing Him.

So, join Heart Matters on the journey to find your true ‘I am’ in the great I AM.

Workshops and training / teaching:

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What sets Heart Matters apart?

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Holistic approach

Holistic approach taking into consideration that man is not only a physical being or a spiritual being or an emotional being - Man is a beautifully complex interconnected being with a heart at the very core. A holistic approach where all the above is considered, is necessary for long term change. I encourage a natural way to support holistic health but also the correct and medically supervised use of medication as a manner to support the client during his therapy when necessary.

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Long term change

Providing tools for effective self-help: (anxiety, depression, destructive cycles in relationships in social and work environments, acute and chronic trauma-related stress with resultant joy-limiting and health issues.)

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